12u tactical elements

When we talk about colective tactics we are considering activities of the whole team, the goal of the team is to score goal when on offense, and to stop the other team from scoring when on defense. Therefore, collective tactics are sum of individual movements and activities that are organized and planed on offense and on defense. We can approach colective tactics only when individual elements are learned.

For this age group we are starting with simple tactical variations for offense and defense. Basic defensive system used will be „man on man“, and on offense system with the center attacker, set, as the builder of the game. On the man up and man down situations very simple variations are used.

  • „Man on Man“ defense

Basic tactical principles of this defense, where every player follows and covers only one offensive player no matter what his offensive position is, are as follows:

Defensive player always is positioned between offensive player and his own goal,

All defensive players at the same time cover all offensive players,

Defensive players simultaniously follow movements of offensive players and movements of the ball.

The goal of this kind of defensive play with young age groups is to create sense of contact game with use of the learned basic elements: covering of the player and stealing the ball. Zone defense system is not necessary to use at this age group.

  • Center based offense

In this phase of player development in youngest age group, center is first builder of the game and not scorer (finisher), which doesn't mean that is not going to score if sitation permits. Therefore, game needs to have element of mobility and dinamical play, in which offensive players by driving to the goal are trying to get open and then after ball passed by the center (game builfer) finish the action with the shot. The formation of the players on offense will be ideal when players form semi circle (umbrella) as soon as possible.

With this younger age groups are developing sense for combining skills and techniques of learned elements: swimming with ball, passing, shooting from movement or after stoping, and from static position if situation permits.

  • Man up formation

Basic formation on man up situation is 4:2 (4 players on the stagered line at 2m and two players at 4-5m lined with posts). With good passing and cross passing, without holding the ball for too long, players create shoot from the outside or from the wings (especially if there is left hander on the right wing).

Another formation is 3:3 (three players on the 2m line, and other thre in the semi circle at 4-5m). In this formation players, on the outside and not on the same line, pass and cross pass the ball to create shooting opportunity.

In both cases players should also look for the open players infront of the goal (posts) to pass and shoot quick without hesitation.

  • Man down formation

On defense with one player excluded players are formed in the 3:2 formation, where three defenders are covering at the 2m line and two defenders are between 2-4m lined with posts, if ofense is playing 4:2 or between players if ofense is playing 3:3. With fast shifting on the players with the ball in their hand and with the start on the player it is defense's goal to defend their goal and to deny the shooting opportunity for offense.