Do Italians Want To Profit From Illness Of Croatian Master And The Best Player In The World?

When the world's best player in a sport receives a two-month suspension from a physician's health, that's the big news. When it is then "STOP" for playing until the end of the entire season, then it is news that has to worry. More than that some media, primarily in Italy, mention the question of career continuation. Unfortunately, the main figure in all of these news is a Croatian athlete, World's best water polo player in 2017, captain of world champions Sandro Sukno. The top cardiologist Dr. Paolo Zeppilli of the Gemelli Clinic in Rome, who has a long experience of working with athletes. Sukno, for whom it was found that inborn irregularity, which is not life threatening, but it could be under extreme body load (sport) recommended a pause by the end of the season 2017/18. so he certainly will not play with Pro Recco this season. It will also be a question to have a contract with Pro Recco, but this is a matter for the club and player to come. These are not questionable at all. First, the health of every man is most important. Medals, trophies, all desperate victories are null and void compared to health. Secondly, we do not deviate from the position of Dr. Zeppilli's high expertise and knowledge. But in the whole story there are some "Buts”... Sandro Sukno (27) in his career - and at the top level and a national team player since 2008 - has never shown any health problems with the heart, even though it is a "lifelong heart anomaly". In addition, at least ten years at least once a year has undergone thorough regular examinations, which are a must in top sports, and they are also in Croatia and Italy have so far been clean. Moreover, after some previous illness or injury he quickly returned to the pool. In February 2014, he got a mononucleosis that can spin the athlete for 6 months, and even longer. Sukno recovered and played after a month and a half. In the summer of 2017, he suffered finger injury and had to be sidelined for six weeks. He came back after only five weeks and he played in the World Championship where he had tournament of a lifetime, winning the gold medal. Both cases, we agree, have nothing to do with the heart, but it paints a picture of the general state and strength of Sandro's organism. Further, after the first Roman finds, Sukno performed a search at equally well-known Croatian doctors in our clinics and the findings were good, that is, the attitudes of Croatian doctors were that Sukno could normally continue to play. Let's go further, the opinion of one of the most eminent world cardiologists, Dr. Tomislav Mihaljević, was sought. This is a man who become Chief Clinical Director of Cleveland on January 1, 2018, he came from position of Cleveland Clinic Chief Executive Officer in Abu Dhabi, or one of the most modern hospitals in the world. In addition to the United States and the Emirates, he worked in Austria, Switzerland and Croatia. Doctor Mihaljevic also reviewed Sukno's finds and said they were - OK. If we do not doubt Dr. Zeppilli's opinion, we see no reason why Dr. Mihaljevic's opinion would be less relevant or inaccurate? The decision of the Italian doctor, and consequently the reaction of Pro Recco, who for this season no longer counts on Sandro Sukno, has the characteristics of surprise. Because all the signals of the past couple of months have made it clear that Sukno will soon go to Genoa. On training. Where then is this kind of decision? We are not supporters of conspiracy theory and we have no evidence, but there is a doubt in the option of eliminating the best player in the game, which is, well, one of the main competitors of Italy. Another thing, very important, would not be the first time (Benedek case). Sukno just returned from Cleveland where he underwent testing and is waiting for the further recommendations. We hope that this will not going to be end of this bright career.