Sandro Sukno is back home

Sandro Sukno, the world's best player and captain of the Croatian Water Polo team, returned to VK Jug for the next three years. After 7 years of leaving Gruž cap with number 9 is again reserved for the one that belongs to. Sandro left Dubrovnik in 2011 when he signed for Pro Recco. After the season in Italy, he returned to Croatia, with Primorje EB. After the adventures in Rijeka, he goes to Genoa again in 2015. He played for the Italian powerhouse until this season when he had to break his career due to health problems. After a difficult time, both in his life and in his career, Sandro returned to the pool. "We agreed quickly and I think we should soon start training with the first team. We will see in the next few months how everything will develop. I hope everything will be good because there is still a big break behind me. I need to go slowly and be persistent and I hope this story will be positive and I will be able to play, "said Sandro Sukno, obviously satisfied. "I'm extremely happy with Sandro's return to his club and his hometown. We must not rush, we have to dose the training so we do not have a time frame for his return to official matches. When he starts training, we will evaluate his condition and decide when it's time to return, "coach Vjekoslav Kobešćak said after signing.