Are successful players good coaches?

In order to successfully meet the demands of your basic role, i.e. become a good teacher of water polo skills, it is necessary that the coach is well aware of the skills that is practicing. It should be noted that the majority of coaches have basic knowledge of water polo from their own water polo experiences, from their previous personal engagement in water polo.

Often, it is wrong to believe that only those individuals who were the most successful before as athletes can become good or very successful coaches. Of course, it is desirable that you have mastered the most complex technical and tactical skills of this sport. But that's not enough. Yes If you become a successful coach, it is not necessary that you were the most successful player or competitor In this sport. However, you need to know your sport well and at the same time you have the ability to successfully transfer the acquired knowledge to athletes that you train or You're training.

At the same time, you need to be committed to your business, to know and understand the athletes you train, develop sports programs that are in line with their age-related characteristics, critical or sensitive phases of their development, and balance the scope and frequency of the training load, the content selected in accordance with the tasks of individual development phases and training cycles, in a word, to be successful in planning, organizing and realizing all your coaching activities. You need the knowledge you can acquire at specialized higher education institutions such as colleges and colleges for sports, or through specially prepared programs of professional training (licensing) coaches who are in accordance with the existing rules and the norms of sports professions and titles. It should not be forgotten that the activities, and therefore the skills needed by sports instructors and sports coaches, are quite different. And although training athletes, regardless of the level of their mastery, it always contains important training elements and instruction, the knowledge of instructors about how to train is not enough to be successful coach. For this you need specific knowledge and skills that will enable you on your own planning and implementation of the training process.