Classification of Water Polo Techniques

April 5, 2019


According to the number of participants in the defense or the attack of the water polo tactics, it is divided into Individual, Group and Collective tactics.

Individual tactics:

In team sports, we consider individual tactics as part of the entire team's tactics, although it can significantly contribute to the result. Individual tactics apply to all technical elements related to the movement and handling of the ball to which the player rules. In defense, an individual tactic refers to player tracking and coverage, preventing the passing and moving of the ball, as well as the shot on the goal, while in the tactic of the attack it refers to individual driving, dribbling and releasing. Where is the boundary between technique and tactics and what is their relationship, the best is to conclude from the following example: if a player leads a ball and no one interferes with him, he demonstrates his technique. If the ball is attacked during the attack, it will adapt its movement to the given situation, which will demystify the tactics. Thus, tactics can be defined as an adequate technique in a given situation. By mastering each element of the player's technique, the player appropriately overcomes the tactics of these same elements. We conclude that the player is technically more capable, his individual tactical potential is greater. The tactics of the whole team primarily depend on each player separately.

Group tactics:

Group tactics represent the transition and the connection between the individual quality of the individual and the collective strength of the team. Elements of group tactics represent cooperation between individuals whose goal is to achieve their individual qualities. Elements of group tactics of water polo can be divided into elements of attack and elements of defense.
Group defense means defending a group of players acting together, interacting with the goal of neutralizing the opponent's attack. The elements of the group tactics in the defense that we use most often are blocking the shot, cooperating with the goalkeeper, taking over and doubling the players.
The concept of a group attack is an attack that takes place with the direct cooperation of multiple players, depending on the field on the ground, as well as the layout of their own and opponents. The tactic of a group attack is organized on the basis of group values ​​of its own and group defects of the opponent's defense. The elements of the group attack that are most commonly used are crossing, block play, double pass (give and go) and crosspass.

Collective tactics:

Collective tactics represent a particular game system that is adhered to and played by all players. Within the framework of collective tactics, all players have their place and role, and they are divided into collective defense tactics, collective tactics of attack, counter-attack, and counter-attack prevention. A quality team can use more, more quality and different elements of group and individual tactics within a system of games (collective tactics). 

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