How to create a team cohesion

"Sometimes a player's greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team"- Scottie Pippen

Team unity, cohesion, synergy or "chemistry" are the result of good communication between the coach and his team, communication that motivates each team member to associate his skills and abilities with other team members in order to achieve a common goals. The goal of the coach is to achieve consent and commitment to team goals, training procedures, rules, and behavioral norms. To accomplish this, he will need input from team members about what should be done in order to "be on the same page", with a collective desire to be successful. Psychologists suggest that the following useful principles are kept in communication with the team:

  • Tell participants about important information concerning the rules, expectations, work procedures and goals that the team / club wants to achieve. Explain the mission of the team, describe strategies and action plans for achieving team goals and tasks. Engage club staff and athletes in the process of making those decisions that directly concern them.

  • Inspire athletes to give their best. Communicate with enthusiasm, be honest, straightforward, and honest. Instill a sense of pride, dedication, faith and team spirit. Try to make each member of the team feel valuable and meaningful.

  • Monitor team progress. Set goals, control them, evaluate and adjust if necessary. Give players a feedback on their work on achieving personal and team goals and encourage them to accept the challenge of further advancement.

  • Explain how things work. Speak openly about the commitment required to achieve team goals. Encourage athletes to accept responsibility for their own actions, to continually strive, be focused and follow the set goal.

  • Fix the behavior that your athletes want. Motivate them to work properly, provide a lot of support, encouragement and positive support. Discipline athletes according to your coaching philosophy and team mission. Correct mistakes in a positive way.