Training for success

Success in the game, water polo players achieve through the manifestation of a large number of abilities and knowledge, their structure and level. It is believed that solving water polo "problems" in the game through the situational model of work, with certain instructions from the coaches, provides greater thinking activity of a water polo players. 

Namely, one of the goals is to develop creative thinking among young water polo players, ie a better understanding of the essence of a water polo game. So learning by solving a water polo problem. 

It can be rightly said that the method of the game provides greater thinking activity of water polo players, especially in situations of solving water polo problems, where the goal is not to "serve" the young players, but with certain instructions from the coaches themselves to find the most optimal solutions at a given moment of the game. 

This makes the training program more dynamic and more engaging. Which is very important when working with the young athletes. Nevertheless, this method can be used with the older players as well.