“Drive-Through” or “Drive-In”

We are not talking about the selection of food serving places. This is not a preference. It is a very important distinction in the game of water polo. Depending on the offensive requirements there are two different movements. This movement is commonly used against the zone defense and it is also used against a press defense.

“Drive-through” is a movement used to take away defender to the other side or away from a certain position. It is also used to clear the space for the teammate. In this movement, the player is focused on setting up other players rather than looking to score himself. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that he would not score if the situation presents itself. “Drive-through” is very often done in the straight line or with the minimum of directional changes as the player is trying to get as fast as possible from point A to point B.

In the “drive-in” situation player looks to specifically get open or get in the position to score. This movement is characterized by using a variety of directional changes as the player is trying to “shake off” his defense. Therefore, this movement is very seldom a straight line from point A to point B. No matter what movement is required or used it is important to use the explosive start with the use of the breaststroke kick. Of course, breaststroke kick needs to be used with the changes of direction in order to create an advantage.